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Started some doodles recently just to fill time while watching TV with my wife Phyllis–who happens to be aces at it. She has filled five or six sketchbooks (more on that down the road) while I've been sitting and letting my creative thoughts circle around poor or predictable plots and quickly fly out the window. She handed me a sketchbook one night and told me to get going, "times running out"! I had shown her a drawing I did maybe a week before. "Why not try a few of those twisty-turny doodles"? Hmmm, twisty-turny sounds yummy. Maybe I'll give the Frito-Lay people a call first. Some of these may inspire a new "Twisty-Turny-Yummy-Tummy-snack food! Seriously, and sure enough, 7-8 days later I had the results of my TV doodle explorations. Now I'm thinking maybe elevate them and see if they'll hold my interest in another medium? If nothing else I can keep in shape while watching TV and Phyllis will have a drawing partner while enjoying our TV time. Here's a video I shot of all I did over approximately two weeks. Maybe I should mention a few surprising results. I remembered how little I simply just draw anymore! Also, the subtle effects that can be achieved across a small surface. These are all about 8x5 inches. How quickly I can finish, not more than a couple of hours for each. Give it a go!

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